Hard drive shows up different size in disk management

In Disk Manager the C drive shows up as 164 Gigs in the top list (and in Windows Explorer). Below the list of drives and their properties in Disk Manager there is a graphic showing the partitions of Drive 0 and the C drive shows up as 428 Gigs. How do I utilize the unused space of 428 minus 164 equals 264 Gigs of unused space.
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  1. In disk manaement do you see unallocated space?
    In the device manager what is the hard drive?
    You may be able to format unallocated space and assign a drive letter to it.
    You may be getting some false info on space and thats why I ask what model drive it is.
  2. It shows unallocated space as 9MB. It is drive 0 and has Drive C and D partitions.
  3. Well 9MB's of unallocated space is not much. what make and model hard drive is it?
  4. If there are C: and D: partitions on the drive and if the size of both of them adds up to 428 Gigs then your drive is completely occupied by both of those partitions and there is no more space. The only way to make the C: partition larger would be to make the D: partition smaller.
  5. IF you plan on resizing partitions, you MUST defrag your HDD many, many times, or you'll lose data. It's happened to me many times.
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