CPU temperature??

I am looking for a decent program to monitor the temperature of my processor/motherboard/harddrive. I have been using speed-fan, but i don't really like it. I am looking for something that starts up automatically when the computer turns on and one that has good features. So if anyone here has some tips on what programs are good for that or programs they use themselves, it would help me out alot.
thanks :)

Its an AMD system
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  1. Well if you have an ATI/AMD computer you could use AMD OverDrive to watch your cpu temps and change fan settings. Same goes for ATI's CCC for the GPU. Otherwise you can use CPU-Z/GPU-Z/HWMonitor(for all hardware)/RealTemps. Easy to find through google.
  2. i use CPUID (CPU-Z) and find it very straightforward and accurate. a very good piece of software.
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    Realtemp will display cores and gpu on the taskbar. CPUID Hardware Monitor does all the temps, but doesn't display on task bar. You can get them here:
  4. Use Core Temp. Real Temp works on Intel processors only.
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