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alright guys, here we go, all of my parts have arrived, i will list them below, and now comes the assembly part. This is my first build and i am so so so excited

i7 920 d0 stepping
Gigabyte UD4P Mobo
Corsair 750 TX PSU
OCZ Platinum (3 X 2gb)
WD Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD
Samsung DVD Burner
Edimax PCI Wireless
Scythe Mugen CPU Cooler
Scythe KM02 Fan Controller
CM HAF 932
Tuniq TX92 Thermal Compound
Logitech Mouse and Keyboard
Dell 23 Inch HDMI Monitor

Total Cost: 1500

so now comes the build.....if you guys can point me to any tutorials or anything of the sort, that would be really helpful, or if you could just help me with exactly what order i should build in. I know CPU into Mobo first, then Ram, then CPU Cooler, but from there....i get lost!
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  1. I usually unpack everything, put it in the case, shake it violently, and hope for the best. ;D

    Ty for the link zougou, I'll be needing it when my order arrives.
  2. Check out youtube.com and search for the computer build tutorials, I've seen a couple good ones. Usually...
    - attach CPU and RAM to mobo
    - ready case with mobo backing attachments
    - install mobo with spacers, making sure mobo lines up with case holes
    - install PSU
    - install HDD
    - install GPU
    - install CD drive
    - attach wires
    - boot in BIOS

    this is suuuper brief so no flaming please lol
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