New build not booting into windows

Just got my system together. Loaded windows XP Pro. When starting system, it gets to windows splash screen, then re-boots; constantly. That's as far as it gets. Never even gets to the desktop.


Phenom II 720
GeForce 9600 GSO 768Mb
Corsair 2x2 GB DDR2 800
Seagate 7200.12 1TB 7200 RPM
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 500W

Any suggestions would help.
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  1. Please read this stick first, then repost your question if you didn't find a fix

    READ before posting about boot problems
  2. Read the sticky already. None of those solutions are applicable. it is getting into windows boot screen. The memory is from another computer that was running very well for a long time, so it's not likely the problem. I cleared the BIOS already and also re-installed the OS several times. No help thus far.
  3. OK. Got Safe mode working. I am trying to install the drivers for everything that I can this way. Hopefully this will work. Will post later with update.
  4. Okay.. You get the OS installed then it goes into the reboot loop? or you can't get the OS installed before it goes into the reboot loop?
  5. Got the OS installed. Setup complete. Starts to boot like normal, then when windows gets to the splash screen (first screen with windows logo, says 'windows starting' or whatever), then restarts before getting to the desktop.

    I shut down for the night after installing what I could in safe mode. Will continue tomorrow evening.

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