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Hi guys,
I have quite a stupid computer, everything is at stock (Except my graphics card). Anyway, I desperately need to upgrade. My power supply is a 385W. On the 12V rails, it supplies just 14 amps. My current card (Nvidia 7200GS) demands 18A from the 12V rails. The Nvidia 9500GT wants the same amount of power. Is it safe for me to upgrade to the 9500GT with my PSU? And which cards would work on my PC, irrespective of price.
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  1. What brand is your PSU?

    9500GT is pretty efficent - should be able to get away with a 385w aslong as its decent
  2. Dunno, but i'll give you all the specs

    +3.3V 20A
    +5V 14A
    +12V1 14A
    +12V2 13A
    -12V 0.3A
    +5VSB 2.5A

    I know it could do pretty well with a 385W, but are the input rails not satisfying the card's needs screw up the graphics?
  3. a hand crank?
  4. Best answer
    you have plenty of amps to run the 9500GT with no issues the card draws little power, in fact I would get the 9600GT or ATI 4670 instead of the 9500GT.
  5. Also, 18a for the 7200GS? The 7200GS can run on AAA battery, it draws no power. I placed 7200 card in systems with far less power then yours.

    18a will run the 9800GT
  6. well i'll tell you this. Ive been running a 9400gt on a no-name 250watt powersupply and overclocked. Now, its not exactly the same card but the only different is like 16 stream processors. you should be fine with power
  7. Okay, since it has 385W, and 13A on 12V2 and 14A rating on 12V1, could I combine the 12V1 and 12V2 for a more powerful card? Cuz thats a total rating of 27A on the 12V rails.
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