Laptop for AUTOCAD drawing

what is the best laptop for autocad drawings
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  1. What is your budget?
    where do u live?
    how complex will ur cad be?

    I do a degree and use CAD for some of its basic tasks and designing a 3d building and my acer with 8600 GS and 2 Ghz core 2 was enough
  2. Look for plenty of RAM!

    Mainly though, answer mainliner's questions and let us know what version of autoCAD you're using?
  3. With what little information you give, no specific advice can be given.

    In general, you want a good CPU (quad core if possible), tons of RAM, a large screen and a 64 bit OS.
    Do not forget the Spaceball!
    As most models are pathetically easy to render, do not worry to much about the GPU (hell, I was running Catia V5 on a first gen MacBook for a while :/).
  4. dell m6600
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