Begging for help with reformatted hard drive!!!!

desperate for help...

to make a long story short, i have an internal SATA NTFS drive that i accidentally reformatted as fat32. i don't believe this mistake caused too much damage to actual files, because i caught the mistake within about 2 seconds. in other words, i intended to format a different drive as fat32, but i picked the wrong drive. i almost immediately recognized the mistake and aborted the format. now, when i click on the drive (using win7) it says 'you must format the drive before it can be used'

i'm sure the files are there somewhere, because no data has been written over the actual data (i think, because i aborted so quickly)

its a 2tb drive, so there's a LOT of data on there!!!!

any help? please? please?
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    Give Mini Tool Power Data Recovery a try.
    It can restore your partitions for free.

    I have no affiliation with this software company.
  2. thanks, running now. seems like it will take about 12 hours or more... do you know if it will be able to preserve the directories i had?
  3. Must have a lot pirated stuff inside
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