Need help with memory speed / timming after CPU OC please help me!!

ok so my i5 760 is at 4.2ghz stable, but i am pretty sure my ram is all out of wack now and I will be honest I understand how to over clock gpu and cpu with voltages core memory ect but when it comes to memory and timing i have no clue whats going on.

I will link you want ram i have and All i would like is to get it to run at stock speed if possible or a slight OC to the ram but nothing more.

anyone who feels they can help me understand what i need to do or maybe just suggest how to set it up I would greatly appreciate it.

oh i wanted to mention aswell, in the bios under the dram it has different freq to select, right now i put it on auto cuz i was unsure but the options i have are

2100 / 1680 / 1260

also in cpuz it shows 632mhz with a 2:6 FSB

and one last thing that confused me even more, when i did benchmark with 3dmark11 it shows my memory as

4096 MB

Module 1
2048 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHz

Module 2
2048 MB Corsair 9 @ 667 MHz

thanks in advanced!@!
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  1. You already see the speed options you have: 1260, 1680, and 2100. Right now, you're running at 1260 (which is why it's showing 632MHz in CPU-Z). It has those weird speed options because you overclock the i5-760 using the system bus (BCLK?). This also changes the RAM speed.

    All you have to do is choose the 1680 speed manually, and make sure the timings are 9-9-9-24. It can probably run that speed at normal voltage. After you've changed it, it will show up in CPU-Z as 840MHz.

    Don't worry about what it says in 3DMark -- those readings are often wrong.
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