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My burned DVDs skip when it gets dark

Hello, What can I do about this problem? I think auto fit has been the best, but even that still skips in the dark. I have memorex discs, but I believe it happens with all of them whenver it is dark The new Harry potter is extremely dark and it ruined the whole movie. What can I do>?
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  1. buy the movie.
  2. I would if it was out already. But I guess that is a great idea. You know most of the people on here do this from time to time, so what is your problem. I just asked a simple question.
  3. Do you think it is my computer? I erased a ton of stuff on it. Do you think it is the dvd player, the audio on my computer, the burning process when I get to the audio part, the dvd+R 16x 4.7gb 120 min.
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    The problem is we do not support piracy on this forum.
  5. Whatever people. Im sure non of you do. Yet I have seen other post on this site, for almost the same thing with tons of people who answer. That is why I went to this site when I googled it. Anyways Johnny Depp why would me downloading a movie I already have on VHS be piracy, or that I already paid to see in the theaters? The person giving out this content is the pirate, and it usually is the company that makes the movie so that people will be interested in seeing a good version at the theater with another human being. Thanks again for not answering a simple question. That just means I will download the movies a dozen times until I get it right. You my friend are the one who is truly hurting the industry by making me download these movies a thousand times.
  6. Don't support piracy....HA. I bet you don't jay walk or eat with your mouth open either.
  7. Look dumbass do I have to spell it out for you? This is a legit tech support forum. If you spent as much time on google looking for an answer to your little problem as you did whining about not getting help here you would have the problem fixed. Now go away unless you have a legit question, you will get no flame war here.
  8. You have put me in my place, am sorry. Maybe I shouldn't be wasting my life trying to do stuff the hard way. Anort3 I wish I would have known you in the real world. I think I would have grown up a better person. I think to right the wrongs that I have done I will recycle my dvd+R disc. That way I give back to the world that I have damaged so much, and I lose out on the money that I spent on those discs as a punishment. Thank you Anort3 for the life changing revelation.
  9. Anort3 is correct. We don't support piracy here.
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