Sound Flickers on my pc when i increase the volume???

hey guys,

i have been experiencing a very strange act by my speakers (or is it the motherbord). i have an abit ip-35e motherboard and altec lansing mx5021 speakers. now every time i play an mp3 on my pc it plays fine, but as i increase the volume and it get louder, the sound (i hope i put it correctly) starts to 'flicker', its like it 'distorts'. and it gets nasty as i increase the volume. i have been running windows xp sp3 and plan to stick with it, but this problem came up recently. strangely it never happens on low volume.

now i have no clue if its the motherboard or the speakers or what. i did reinstall windows and did the drivers part and all but still no help. i even attached my speakers to my mp3 player and strangely, the speakers gave me the same problem as with the pc. now i know it sounds obvious enough, but is it a faulty motherboard or speakers or something else.

please help guys :).

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  1. Try plugging your speakers into more things that continue to show you they don't work at higher volumnes. After you've plugged them into enough things that they don't work on you can let us know.
    As for "something else" you need to elaborate, like the moon is in Taurus or it only occurs during high tide.
    Sorry to joke around, can you identify what relationship your motherboard would have to your speakers when they are plugged into your MP3 player. Are the speakers still hooked up to the motherboard at this point?
  2. hehehe its all good.

    here goes. when the speakers are plugged into the motherboard, the problem of the sound flicker happens at high volume. now when i attach the speakers (at this time it is not connected to the pc or the motherboard) like to an mp3 it still gives me the problem of the 'sound flicker' at high volumes.

    now i was confused as to if it is a problem with the abit ip-35e motherboard or the altec lansing mx5021 speakers. a friend suggested that the sound flicker happens if there is some problem with the amp. which is why i had no clue what to do. so please help :).

    thanks again,
  3. There could be 2 resons for it to happen, either you are trying to make your speakers to run more loudly then they are supposed to play or you are putting too strong input signal to amp in speakers, for example speaker can handle 200mV signal and you give them 250mV resulting in cutting part of signal.
    To fix 2nd issue, try to decrease volume on your sound card and increase volume using amp in speaker.

    Exact explanation you can find here:
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