How to overclock Processor and GPU ?

Hi ... i've heard a lot about overclocking processors and graphic cards to improve gaming experience .... Could you please tell me how to overclock ????? I'm really looking forward to having really awesome gaming experiences ...

Yours Sincerely ,
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  1. What kind of motherboard and CPU do you have? It makes a big difference.

    Some motherboards cannot be overclocked. Some CPU's cannot be overclocked. Some CPU's can be overclocked with a fair amount of tinkering. And some CPU's (Intel K's and AMD BE's) are pretty easy to overclock.

    Google is a good place to start for some basic research.
  2. We need know your components before give you an advice.
  3. i am building a cpu with intel core i5 2500k and p67 motherboard and ati radeon hd 6950
  4. Here are two guides for overclock your CPU in 1st place.

    I suggest you overclock your CPU 1st and when this be stable star to overclock the GPU with MSI Afterburner.
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