XP Home SP3 with AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Processor... waste of money?

Hope I picked a good category...

Hey Tom's... I just got a new computer from a builder.

I got it for the sole purpose of photoshopping and other design related applications.

My questions for you guys is:
Will the fact that the OS is 32bit interfere if I decide to get CS4 64bit?

I am really confused that the builder didn't take advantage of the 64bit processors and use Vista or XP 64...

Please enlighten me.
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  1. yes it will, and i will elaborate since you didn't even wiki it I'm assuming

    32bit programs will run fine on a 64bit OS, however this is not vice versa (ie it doesn't go the other way)

    it's not a big problem though, just go and download Windows7 64bit from microsoft and then buy it when it comes out
  2. i googled it and actually found another thread here with a similar question. so yeah, i tried to research it.

    im just confused as to why this guy sticks with xp home when he has systems that could benefit more from a 64bit os. i thought maybe the os didnt matter and cs4 would somehow magically work as 64bit... lofty idea i know.

    thanks for the answer, mindless.

    looks like i got a copy of xp home to sell... yay
  3. My guess is the guy sticks with 32-bit is because - unless the CUSTOMER specifies 64-bit - 32-bit has no additional compatability issues.

    Why didn't you specify 64-bit?
  4. More than likely the reason why he gave you a 32bit copy of XP instead of a 64bit copy is that he probably buys them in bulk and since most people use 32bit OS's than that is what he had stock of.
  5. buying in bulk. that was my guess too.

    it was a prebuilt system so i couldnt request a 64bit os.

    im putting alot of thought into windows7. i have 3 gigs of ram so i need another 1g stick... how much is ram nowadays?
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