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My burned DVDs skip ahead at random times when I play them on my Samsung DVD player. I'll watch a movie once and have no skips, then watch it again and have several. I burn the DVDs using my HP laptop, I'm not very tech-savvy and don't know much about writing speeds and stuff like that. I use the Cyberlink DVD Suite that came with my computer and HP DVD+R 16x discs. I'd appreciate any help, it's really annoying when we're watching movies. Should I try a different disc or is there anything else to do? Thanks!
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  1. Try buying some DVD-R disks and burn them at 4x (instead of the full 16x) speed. It also could be your DVD player's lens. They make disk cleaners for a couple bucks and you can buy them at movie a rental shop.
  2. Okay that sounds great, thanks for the advice!


    AND I AGREE no more than 4 x with any dvd burns!
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