My Connection is Strong But I Can't Browse

Last nigt my computer was attacked by viruses. Windows would not let me connect to Internet explorer so I restarted the computer in safe mode and ran a virus scan useing Malwarebytes' Anti-Virus. I did a full scan had 17 viruses that were removed. When I restarted my computer in the regular mode, everthing seemed fine my AIM buddy list even opened with all the advertisements that are usualy there. When i try to used internet explorer it says they can't display the website. I tried netscape and it opened my home page but then an Alert poped up and said " could not be found". Also Microsoft Security keeps asking me if I want to allow different programs to access the internet. Any ideas?
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  1. From IE --> Tools --> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings --> Uncheck any boxes under Proxy Server.
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