Again, Keep 460W power supply or upgrade it?

Greetings again.
I´m still confused about upgrade options for my current machine.
I´m using an Intel core 2 duo E7200, MSI P35 board, 4 GB RAM, 2 Hard Drives and a Radeon HD4850 1GB
Everything sitting fine on a Zalman ZM460B-APS

I was thinking in go for a Core i5 setup with a 4890 board (and spend a lot of money, which I don´t have right now), but seeing the reviews of the Radeon 5850 puzzled my mind. The power consumption is not that bad, even when compared to the 4850.

Maybe I can keep the current setup and change the CPU to a C2Q Q9550 and a Radeon 5850 without change the PSU. The Zalman ZM460B-APS is not a bad PSU, but i dunno if it can keep the pace. It has around 34 Amps max in the 12v rails. I already run a 4870 OC´ed on this PSU...

Do you think it can hold? I really don´t wanna buy another PSU if its not needed. PSU Pricing here in Brazil is expensive cause there´s no decent manufacturer around and the electronic products have an abusive tax policy. Buy one from ebay is out of question. Thanks to the weight, the shipping price goes higher than the product itself sometimes.

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  1. Try it. Zalman makes good products.
  2. Did you try to buy me 750w PSU on Ebay?
  3. No, why?
  4. Because a guy from Brail asked to look into shipping my PSU that I had listed on eBay and it was around $240.00 USD.
  5. mark_k said:
    Because a guy from Brail asked to look into shipping my PSU that I had listed on eBay and it was around $240.00 USD.

    geez! no way! poor guy.

    I knew shipping a PSU would be expensive, but not that expensive. wow!

    Problem is, besides price + expensive shipping, Brazil customs taxes electronics in 60% if the price+shipping value exceeds 50 USD.

    I bought other products from ebay...sometimes I could make an arrangement with the seller to declare a lower value, other times I was lucky and the product didn´t stop on customs (Customs here works taking samples from the shipments)...but pay the "real price" is like to be stabbed in the chest.
    Even so, some products worth to pay the price.
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