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Hae guys i am looking at building a new gaming computer and i have been looking around at parts but i am not sure about the PSU and Motherboard.
So far
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 7850 Black Edition Dual Core 2.8GHz 3MB socket AM2+ Processor retail box
MoBo: ECS GF8200A AM2+ ATX GF8200 MCP78S Motherboard FSB 5200, DDR2 1066, intergrated VGA


CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6GHz 800MHz LGA775
MoBo: ASRock P43DE socket T Motherboard ATX Intel P43 chipset 1.6GHz FSB LGA775

RAM: G.skill 4GB kit PC6400 CL5-5-5-15 2x2GB
HD: Western Digital 500GB 7200rpm
PSU: Corsair HX-520 ATX 520W 120mm Modular Power Supply
Case: need some suggestion on a good preformance case i dont mind what it looks like because it wil be sitting under a desk

I have a budget of 900 NZD and this rig is about 800NZD
Should i go amd or intel?
Also wondering about a good case
And do i need any other fans or cooling systems?
All products which are avaliable to me are avaliable at:

Note: Already have a CD/DVD writer

I just wanted to get some feedback on this system

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  1. Im a kiwi too... and dont our prices suck

    I cnt get the pconline links to work . I just get a 404 error .
    Theyre very bad for warranties so unless you can walk in and punch the guy in the face if he jerks you around then best avoided .

    If I was building a whole system I would pick all the parts and then email a reputable site and ask them to match the prices as a package . Things are pretty tough in business right now so its worth asking politely for a package deal .

    I see from the mb that you are thinking of intel and socket 775 . Even in NZ AMD is mostly better value .
    And e8400 costs about $300 but an amd phenom x3 720 costs about $250 and is faster in games and at multitasking .....
    have you got a $NZ budget?
  2. Around about $800 would be nice. I was thinking about AMD but my friend said to go with intel, tbh i am not sure what the difference. Really i just want this computer for playing games such as battlefield 2 COD 4 and those kind of games
  3. Working links
    RAM: G.skill 4GB kit PC6400 CL5-5-5-15 2x2GB
    Hard Drive: 500GB Western Digital 7200rpm SATA
    Mobos Avaliable to me:
  4. One of those sites I can't link to properly :P

    Anyway, I think you are looking at an E7400 and a P43 board based on the prices I saw. The X3 720 looks out of reach, as does the E8400.

    A 4850 is going to run about $210.00, and that would be the biggest priority, followed by a good PSU, perhaps a Corsair 450VX.
  5. i will look for those products now
  6. is that PSU a 450W one?
  7. It looks like Phenom is out of reach , but a system like the one you are buying is the best in your price range IMO .

    Swap out the e5300 and buy an e5200 instead . They are the same thing but and you can easily overclock more than the difference for extra power .
    That will save you about $24

    Normally a case with a psu fitted isnt a great idea but I trust gigabyte as a brand , and the value is good so how about
    for About $110

    This mb is good value . it lacks a few features but has intels best chipsets and asrock is Asus budget brand
    AsRock P45DE ATX MB, Intel P45+ICH10, 2000 MHz FSB, DDR2 1200, PCI-Ex16, SATAII, GbE LAN, 8ch Audio,

    Compromising a bit on the case means you can afford a 4850 which is a pretty strong gaming card

    so its

    intel e5200 $121
    Asrock P45DE $144
    Gskill Ram $99
    ATI 4850 $212
    Gigabyte case with PSU $110
    WD 500 gb blue hdd $78

    Total is $764 + shipping .

    What Ive noticed is that the really cheap online shops have HIGH shipping costs .I buy from a palce called paradigm Pc's [] because they charge more but ship free and that often works out cheaper because Im in rural Nelson. If you are in Auckland , Hamilton , Wellington , Chch or Dunedin find a local retailer and as them to sell you the lot as a package

    We didnt include the cost of windows either btw , but you can download windows 7 from microsoft and use it free till march next year
  8. i was looking at this mobo: Asustek P5QL SE Intel P43 Chipset LGA775 ATX Motherboard
  9. and i would pay a little extra to get a seperate psu and case cuz the problem with that psu is its only 420W
  10. also my local shop costs quite a lot more
  11. Asustek P5QL SE is very basic . Notice it only has two slots for RAM ? And only 4 usb ports . It must be reasonably old to include the large printer port on the back . Almost all computer dont even bother with that these days since printers are USB now .
    From Asus website id say the gfx slot is pci-e x16 not pci-e [2.0] x 16
    I think the asrock is a better choice .

    I like the way you think with case/psu but your budget can be blown away very easily here .
    B4 you decide have a read of
    Lots of people get way too grunty a psu

    According to
    A pc like the one I suggested will draw about 244 watts maxed out

    Ideally 450 - 500 watts , but the 420 will do for now .

    If you had more then the antec 300 or coolermaster centurion and a quality 500 watt psu .. but thats going to cost $150 more
  12. hmm okay so the PSU would be able to run the graphics card?
    will i need extra cooling in this specific case?
    Because i have decided to spend the extra money for a better card
    Also i have decided to get the e5300 its not much more and it should be faster.
    The main thing i am concerned about is if this system will be able to play games such as battlefield 2 COD 4 and COD 6( when it comes out later this year)
    also wondering if this is 64 or 32 bit?
  13. Google for the case and see if you can find reviews . The case includes one fan and it would be better if you added a second one to pull air in , but would be OK as it comes .

    Yes the psu should be fine running the 4850 and the rest of the computer . Not best quality but it should all work

    My computer is an overclocked e7300 , 2 gig of RAM , a 4850 and windows XP
    It runs crysis on high on a 19 inch monitor at about 35 fps . You will be fine with COD4 .
  14. cheers man
    i am gunna go with that mobo but i have been advised to not pruchase from nzoczone so i will keep looking for a case and psu
  15. oczone are also useless .

    Their website did have nice pics though so I used their page . I think someone else had that board a few cents cheaper .

    Sites I have had good sales experiences with
    pbtech [ were good in Dunedin and wholesaled my gf some stuff . It probably helped they were geeks and she flirted and was wearing a low cut t shirt ]

    places i wont use again unless I have to


    places I will spit on when I pass the door


    and watch out for shipping . Buying stuff because its $10 cheaper but you pay $15 more for shipping ... which they add right at the end after you've clicked about 4 million links to buy off the website ......
  16. out my site for building a pc it describes how things work and where they fit should be a good guide for beginners,
  17. You have a nice site there damen, it's a good start but very light on actual content.
  18. yeh i found a place on pricespy that is highly recomended on gpforums to buy the mobo off
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