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i've had my pc for about 2 months everything was working perfectly until my moniter (hp vs17) suddenly got no signal from my graphics card (ati 4670 1gb) and my pc started booting from my prevousily disabled onboard graphics card. my moniter only has a vga port and my graphics card uses only a dvi-I so i use an adaptor.

is the problem my adapter vga to dvi, my graphics card, moniter, motherboard, the pc booting from wrong card??? Please help
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  1. Try removing, then reinserting the video card.

    You can rule out the monitor and the adapter if the monitor works hooked up to the motherboard graphics. Try the graphics card in a different computer if possible. Check your power supply.
  2. set your pc to boot up from PCIe (PEG in the BIOS)
  3. thanks i'll try these things
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