Help with choosing a MB/CPU combination.

I'm building a budget sytem using an Nvidia GTS 250 that will be used for Folding@home and some gaming.

I'm currently looking at an ASRock G41M-LE, Intel Pentium E6300 Wolfdale 2.8GHz with 2GB DDR2 1066 ram.

I need to keep the MB/CPU/Ram combination around $180 from Is this probably the best combination or is there a better one that I'm overlooking. Also I don't intend on overclocking this build.

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  1. I would have to save you have the best combination for that budget.
  2. agreed. the amd720 with an asus board, no ram, is selling for a little under $200 on newegg, and that's a great price. So you prolly won't find anything better than a mid level dual core at that price range.
  3. you dont need 1066 MHz ram with an C2D chip .

    Save yourself some money and buy 800 MHz RAM with lower timings .
  4. ASUS P5KPL-CM LGA 775 Intel G31

    Cheaper and can OC to 1600 FSB.
  5. Thanks for all the input.
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