These boards say that they have more SATA connectors than I can see

I was planning on purchasing the ASUS P7P55D PRO, but now I am thinking about purchasing the P7P55D-E PRO instead.

On both boards it says that they have 7 SATA 3Gb/s, but I only see 3!
Where are the others? I'm pretty sure that the SATA connectors have a L shape in them.

Here is a close up picture of ASUS P7P55D PRO where you can see 3 of the SATA connectors circled in red.
What are the connectors circled in green?

Here is the link to both of the boards so you can see the pictures and specs better.

-From Newegg
-From ASUS

-From Newegg
-From ASUS

I need to be able to connect 2 SATA hard drives, a SATA DVD-ROM, and a SATA DVD Burner
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  1. Well I can see 4 going horizontaly, 2 circled in the picture you posted and I'll bet there is one on the back panel. Did you really think they were going to cheat you out of them? That would be like changing sides in the middle of something you started.
  2. thanks! they are the ones at the top right of the board stacked horizontally.
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