My First Build Help

I am building a computer for the first time
my budget is about 1400 or maybe 1300

i am going with the antec 1200 with the antec 850 cpx power supply

intel dx58so motherboard

intel core i7 920

and the corsair dominator ddr3 1600 3x2gb 6gb pack

and ati 4890 by xfx

i hear a lot about zalman so i am going with the zalman cnps10x cpu cooler and arctic silver 5

i got told to buy the true but its just to hard to find plus its to expensive

i got the harddrive and cd dvd drive worked out by a friend

i dont know of all the brands and if i can trust them such as dfi asus evga ect ect,,

so i am going with what i hear and i know intel will be a good brand for my first build

tell me of anythang that will help please

i am not going big if i overclock it will be 3.2ghz thats it
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  1. *How To Ask For New Build Advice* - Gives us more info and would help us help you...

    1. The mobo you have picked is not great for overclocking...get the ASUS P6T/ Gigabyte UD4P

    2. Dont spend that much money on the RAM...Though the Corsair Dominators are very good but it is only worth to buy them if you are going to overclock say 4GHz...
    For 3.2GHz o/c, stick with good cheaper alternatives like the GSKillz/ OCZ platinum...

    3. The Zalman dont offer such good performance for the money...Instead get the Scythe Mugen 2/ Xigmatek Dark Knight...Both offer very good cooling performance comparable or better than the Zalman and are cheaper...So check their reviews before you buy them...
    It would be better you read that sticky, fill it and paste it here
  2. i want xmp so what about ocz xmp ready and ud4p and i want a cooler to keep a 3.2ghz overclock below 60c maybe the Noctua NH-U12P
  3. Yes that OCZ is a very good option and is more than suffice for your overclock...

    And as for the CPU cooler, yes that Noctua NH-U12P is a very good one...but for your overclock, you wont notice much going with the cheaper Xig Dark knight/ Scythe Mugen 2...
  4. And the Gigabyte UD4P can o/c the i7 even higher with ease...
  5. then and i will go with the Noctua NH-U12P i like to know the cpu is cold and 1 more thang if i overclock to 3.2ghz will that get the ram to run 1600 or do you overclock each of them on there own and can i put any fan that is 120mm on the Noctua NH-U12P or do you not know
  6. what about the asus p6t the layout looks better for what i am doing
  7. The RAM comes with XMP profile, set it to the required profile, and it will run @ 1600MHz...
    For the CPU, just follow these settings in this article and it should be fine...,2268-3.html
  8. thanks and is the asus p6t good and will 2 ati 4890 crossfire play any game in 1080p
  9. i am going to sleep if anyone has anythang thay can help me with tell me
  10. Yes the P6T is a good alternative for the UD4P...And Yes 2 HD4890 in crossfire could easily play any game @ 1080p...
  11. Rather than post your half finished build and ask forum members to tell you what you need, you should consider reading the articles... and I don't mean that to be an ass I am honestly trying to help, having been in your position about two years ago with my first build. Things like Tom's best cards for the money, memory scaling on i7, overclocking i7 articles are all applicable, and then for the cooler just google "i7 cpu cooler roundup" as Tom's has yet to perform one that I know of. And then one suggestion I might make, many of the newer cpu coolers are a little more pizazz than substance for my taste, however the larger Core 2 Quad Heatsinks have for most part been rereleased to contain LGA1366 Brackets, my favorite is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 which accepts any 1 or 2 120mm fans and is plenty large enough to dissipate the heat of a quad, although honestly Intel's spec on thermal is 100' C for the i7, so you could probably relax your requirement a little bit and OC further than 3.2. It's free performance! Oh and one more thing, for 1080p a single GTX260 Core 216 or 4890 will suffice, you won't need more and I'd recommend hanging onto the extra $200 until the DX11 cards hit this holiday season for an upgrade. Good Luck!
  12. thanks
  13. do i have to replace the thermal compound ever
  14. I really like the new zalman and have only heard good things about it.
  15. is the Foxconn BloodRage a good board
  16. and if i overclock past 3.33ghz will i have to change voltage and if i just do a 3.2ghz will i have to turn turbo mode off
  17. ok i am looking at monitors if i get a 5ms instead of the 2ms will it be that big of a difference
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