Does the Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 Support SLI?

Well here goes my question you many insightful people may (and hopefully be able to) answer:

I have been using the Gigabyte's S-series GA-X48-DS5 Motherboard and I started wondering if it has SLI support. Nowhere on the manual does it mention SLI, it says Crossfire but no SLI.

I'm also wondering if the Nvidea's GTX 295 (which i'm currently using) requires SLI support to work at full potential.

Just wanted to know because I am planning on putting three screens in the future.

Thank you,

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  1. Its based on X48 chipset and X48 only supports CrossFire.
  2. Yep...that's it exactly. Like Maziar said, it's only Crossfire.

    The newer boards (X58, etc) often have options for both, but some of the lower end boards didn't want to pay the license to nvidia for SLI, so watch out if you upgrade in the future.
  3. Okay thanks a lot.
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