my computer locks up one day while in screen saver. The mouse and keyboard wouldn't wake it up so i shut-down and reboot. upon reboot mouse, keyboard, and monitor do not work. I figure its probably because its not getting through the POST. Post LED only lights up part of the first digit and the second one is blank. i can't find any other post of this happening to anyone else. so any info would help. i would have to buy another MB to find out that wasn't the problem, but that is my last idea.

Oh.. and everthing else works as it would if POST didn't complete no wires are loose. i took everything apart and put it back together with a new power supply i had laying around, swapped ram around, reset CMOS, pulled battery. still nothing!!!! please help!!


q6600 (not overclocked)
8800GTX oc
850w PSU
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  1. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Now, because you do not have a new build (as in "it worked once"), I think you do not need to pay much attention to the checklist part. But there are troubleshooting suggestions later.
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