Help on choosing case and PSU

So heres what I'm planning to buy so far:

And bear in mind, I will be OCing and this is my first build

CPU: Phenom X3 720 BE

Gigabyte Ga-Ma790x-UD4P

RAM: 2x 2gb corsair sticks, DDR2-1066 240 pin.

Graphics card: HIS Iceq4 Radeon HD4850 1GB ( I MIGHT consider doing crossfire later)

Hardrive: Western Digital WD6400AAKS 640GB

DVD Drive:: LG GSA-H55L

So whats the PSU I will need? And recommended cases?

Andd, for price, I've got round 300-400 NZD dollars to spend but I'd rather spend the smallest I can.

And I'm using this site to find parts,

But you can just give me the name of the product or newegg, I dont mind.
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  1. +1^
  2. Just another quick question, What RAM would you guys recommend? I actually just noticed I forgot to write down which exact Corsair RAM I'm buying >_>. Oh well, recommendations? Annddd is it worth buying a new fan for the CPU or graphics card or whatever? I'm planning to OC at least the CPU..
  3. Oh and..

    Price: round $200 NZD
    So really just want the best bang for my buck.
  4. If you are planning to overclock the CPU, then certainly get an aftermarket CPU cooler...
  5. Cases are so individual , but my favourite is the antec P182 Its quiet and has good cooling .

    It looks like a computer case and not a teenagers wet dream of what a computer should look like but the best price here is $270

    Other gaming case alternatives to gkays coolermaster would be

    antec 300 for $120 or antec 900/902 for just over $200

    The antec 650 PSU looks to be the pick of the bunch for psu's.

    If you are not in a hurry hang back for a month or so . The kiwi dollar has risen a lot in recent weeks and imported pc components should drop in price when suppliers restock .
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