Hdmi resolution and audio problems

I have an xfx 8200 mobo and a 9800 GT gpu. I have a new 19" 1440x900 hdmi monitor/tv. I changed the jumper over and hooked it up seems to work great. First problem I have is that I cannot hook my computer speakers up to the audio out on my pc. The only way seems to be to run the speakers out the monitor/tv audio out. I can get sound on the monitor/tv speakers but they are small and crappy. Is there a way to have the hdmi give sound to the monitor and the pc audio outs give sound to speakers? Also after some restarting the resolution in display settings for the new monitor is now maxed at 1024x768. Why would this happen? Is there a vista 64 setting that I have over looked, is there a mobo setting, a bios setting or a monitor setting? I am going to try a restart to see if that resets the resolution settings but I do not want to have to worry about this being a recurring problem.
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  1. I fixed the audio problem. You have to go to the audio devices and turn off the realtek digital program. One more question.
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