1000-1300 quid budget for pc build


the build parts are as follows...:

1. antec skeleton pc case

2. core i7 cpu 920 @2.66 ghz.

3. asus p6t v2 delux motherboard.

4. radeon 4870 x2 gpu graphics card.

5.x-fi fatal1ty extreme gamer pro or champion series sound card ( whichever is best )

6.usin for the monitor a 32" hd ready t.v ( either hdmi-hdmi or dvi-d-hdmi )

7. already have keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

8. here's where i'm stuck...what psu will work with this type of graphics card? any reccomendations are appreciated.

9.12 gb ram @1600 mhz from website mr.memory.

all parts cept ram will be bought from e-buyer.

thanx to all for any help...:)
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  1. tv's have low resolution compared to many monitors .

    If yout tv is 1080p then a 4870 1gig or 4890 or GTx275/285

    if its 720 p then a 4850 will be fine , but a 4870 better .

    complete waste of time running 12 gig of ram for gaming . Have a look in the memory articles on this site
  2. waste of money*** running 12 gb of ram.

    i dont have experience with that case of yours... or whatever you wanna call it. but uhh.. i don't know how you DIDN'T find a psu for it? i mean go to newegg, look for something thats branded corsair, pc power & cooling, antec, cooler master, seasonic, and if it's about 600watts, you should be good.


    front page.you might even wanna consider 700 cause of all the stuff you have.
  3. Here is a link to the official 4870X2 requirements:
    It specifies a 650watt psu with a 6 pin and an 8 pin pcie connector.
    Specs from a vga vendor are conservative to account for poor quality psu's.

    The key is to get the two pci-e connectors, and a unit from a quality vendor.
    PC P&C, Corsair, Antec, and seasonic are good. There are others.
    A Corsair 650TX would do the job nicely:
  4. thanx for ure help...the reason i was stuck was because an antec skeleton case 'apparentely' can fit a power supply that has max fan size of 92 mm only ...thats what i was told any how...plus the graphics card needs a psu that sends a certain ammount of volts down each 'thread'...which i dont quite know what that means....i'll check ure links out and let u know what i find...thanx ...:)
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