How to: Overclock Core i3 530

Hey guys, I haven't been to crazy about overclocking until now as I noticed you can get a real umph out of this processor. As I am a complete beginner at OC'in on CPU's, please teach me and show me exactly what to do.

System specs:

Intel Core i3 530
Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
Mushkin enhanced 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1333mhz
Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-x Overclocked
Thermaltake 500watt psu
Okay cooling

On idle, the cpu is about 32-34C Full load: 50-60C
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  1. try this guide Oc i3 this or this
  2. ^+1, those guides are pretty good. If you have any further questions let us know so we can help some more. In the past I managed to get my i3 530 to 4.0GHz easily. What CPU cooler do you have?
  3. im using the stock cooler :/ I know I won't be able to go far but. I just wanna get a little bit more out of it. I'm still confused about QPI, VTT, Vcore....etc please help. I also would like to know a little bit of the terms, if you can compare it to something else that would be great.
  4. NO additional voltage, go 3.3GHz (150MHz BCLK x 22 multiplier )
    disabled : Eist, spread sprectrum

  5. Alright, so i OC'ed my cpu to 3.3ghz 150mhz x 22 muptiplier. Now, my memory is at 1200mhz due to it limiting my cpu from oc'in higher which i will prob oc that a little more. BUT i have a problem. I can hear a slight beeping noise, or more like a ticking noise like a clock coming from inside my computer after my overclock. I have no idea what it is. PLEASE HELP!
  6. sorry cancel that last response, it is working great right now at 3.5ghz. Though, my ram is lower than 1333mhz at 1280mhz. Is there really any difference from that much??
  7. remember next time you must get after market CPU cooler
    test your OC in P95 or intelburn test , if no error it's OK. long time test will get more stable. alway's Keep temperature below 70C when test stress.
  8. When I used my i3 with only stock cooler I managed 3.5GHz with no voltage adjustment, I couldn't get it stable at 3.6GHz without adjusting the voltage.

    Be sure to stress test for at least 6 hours, using prime 95 or similar. While adjusting the numbers and stuff you can use Intel Burn Test to find out if your cpu is stable in the short term (Run 10 tests, should take <20 minutes). When you are happy with the speed you're at, the last thing to do would be to run a lengthy stress test. **Keep temps below 70C when stress testing!

    The difference in performance from 1280MHz and 1333MHz for ram will be miniscule, not noticeable at all. You will only see a difference in synthetic benchmarks.
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