Installed new harddrive wont register

I just broke my WD external hard drive. i took it out of the case and installed in onto my computer. My computer will not show it in the My computer area for access. It was a password protected when it was an external hard drive could this bee the reason?
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  1. Protected with what software?
    Can you see it in device manager?

    Right click on my computer, select manage. Select disk management on the left. Is it there what do you see?
  2. Password protection is one reason, hardware encryption is another. Does the drive show up in BIOS and Device Manager?

    Inside the enclosure, is there an Initio INIC-1607E chip on the USB-SATA bridge board? If so, then this chip is responsible for hardware encryption, in which case you will not be able to access your data, even with the correct password.

    Be advised that many users are reporting problems with the USB connector at WD's forums, so this would be the first thing to check. Otherwise, simply swapping the bridge board with another external WD drive will work.
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