Upgrading My Zbrush/3dCoat/Mudbox Computer

Here are my current specs:

Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Vista 64-bit Home Premium
8800GT 512
1TB RAM Western Digital Sata


What I want to do is improve performance for programs such as Zbrush and 3d Coat.

So I thought I would upgrade my GPU and my harddrive.

These are the items I am considering upgrading to.


GTX295 1.7GB (on each GPU so it's really half) or
GTX275 1.7GB (single board so it's all 'real')


SDD G.Skill Falcon 128GB <-- for OS install and swap file

Do you identify any bottlenecks here? Also, I'm not sure whether a sculpting program will see benefits from a multi-GPU such as GTX295, and I'm also not sure how much a sculpting program can actually use the 2GB memory on the GTX275 I have listed. What do you suggest I do to upgrade. Can an I7 processor work on the same mother board as my Q6600?

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  1. i7 requires socket 1366.
    Q6600 requires socket 775.
    You need a new motherboard and memory for i7.
  2. Your computer is fine.
    I would suggest overclcoking the processor.
  3. thanjks
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