After using system restore, windows XP does not show my hard drive

Not sure what happened, my computer was pausing every minute for a second, thinking there might have been something the kids installed, I used system restore.

I got this message "Changes made to drive k:\ after this point can not be reversed because the drive was either excluded from System Restore, or was turned off or removed"

Drive K is a seperate physical drive, so no big deal, I dont have programs on that drive that require installing, it is just a drive I use to store data.

Well, now there is no drive K, even after I undo system restore.

Windows XP, Device manager shows the drive there, drivers are working and no conflicts.

So I hope someone has a quick fix!

I think they should have a warning in there that also says that you may lose you drive lol
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  1. In Computer Management under Disk Management

    and was looking in the wrong part of Device Manager, it does not show there either
  2. Dont ask me why this worked, I removed an SD card that was in the SD drive of the computer and rebooted.

    It works now, if that isnt messed up, I dont know what is.
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