XFX X58i or Intel DX58SO????

:hello: Everyone.
I am a Semi pro Video Editor, Planning to buy an i7 920 processor.
but I stuck on choosing the right motherboard for that processor.
I need your opinions, using these 2 boards.
1-Intel DX58-SO
2-XFX X58i
Which is much better and
What would you guys recommend??
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  1. Ive been asking myself this same question and you posted a while back... yet no one has responded??
  2. They re both very problematic motherboards that only deliver sub-par performance... I'll look into something else if i were you...
  3. Such as?
  4. First, how much are you willing to spend on a motherboard?
  5. im thinking somewhere in the 100-200 range maybe a little more if need be. Just a MOBO that's going to be stable allow some ease of overclocking and such. and now im not sure if it would be better to go i7 or AMD.
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