Need cooling help!

Ok so I am running my stock rig with no upgraded cooling:
Windows XP pro 32bit
Intel Core2 Duo E6750 (stock cooler) no OC
XFX Geforce 800GT no OC
Cooler master extreme RP-500-PCAR 500w ATX12 PSU
Cooler MAster Centurion 534 RC-534-SKN2-GP
2-120mm case fans

Ambient temp 42c
Temps are high with no load 55c on cpu
61c on GC with no load

Was encoding DVD to xvid and core temps went up to 75c - 78c at 99% load.
Haven't had time to game on and test temps with GC yet almost afraid to.

Need some advice on what to do to decrease temps.
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  1. 2-120mm case fan= 1 intake and 1 exhaust?
    Is there a lot of dust build up inside the case? on the CPU heatsink? on the 120mm fans?
    Try removing one (or both, if possible) side panel(s), and see if the temps go down.

    If you'd like to peruse some cooling solutions, try or
  2. Live somewhere colder :-)
    Or maybe look into a water set up, but even then I dont think your gong to get it much cooler
  3. I haven't been giving the desktop much attention lately my wife is in there everyday doing homework and schoolwork. (I bought her a netbook but she doesn't like the keyboard :fou: ) So I am somewhat embarrassed because I am normally on top of anything that has to do with my setup.
    Temps in house average around 78-80 (26-27c). There was some dust in the CPU HS. I removed all dust and ran speedfan and that's where I got the temps from. I would like to increase air flow in the case to lower the ambient temp. I was planning to do some Overclocking to squeeze some more life out of this setup, but I want to resolve these temp issues before I do that. Today I will be removing the CPU HS and Fan to double check the thermal connection. Also I will be removing the GC and disassembling the metal shroud so I can make sure there is no buildup inside there.
  4. *UPDATE*
    OK so I removed the fan and heatsink. Cheap stock cooler has a round copper pad on the bottom of the heatsink that doesn't cover entire chip. :o
    I cleaned off old stuff and and re-seated heatsink. All I had to use was some cheap thermal grease I had laying around. Damm idle core temp is 60c-62c.
    Ran steam and played a quick game.... Logged 98c temp!!
    Needless to say I stopped playing games for now. My wife just uses pc to do her homework.
    I thought maybe the temps were wrong so I ditched speedfan (which doesn't work on my MB :fou: ) and dloaded realtemp. Temps are spot on with bios monitor.
    I wired stock fan to 12v from psu for max speed and still temps are the same as fan seems to run the same speed.
    I was not planning on spending a mint on cooling for this pc but processor will be scrap if I don't do something.
    Will be getting some Arctic Silver compound today instead of cheap compusa thermal grease.

    I can't use speed fan with my MB but I would like to increase fan speed on my GPU (xFx 8800GT alpha dog) any suggestions on accomplishing that? I read that the Nvidia control prg is not good.
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    Not sure on nvidia control prog,
    but rivatuner is one recommended program, msi afterburner is another i can recall,
    have fun repasting man :)
  6. Ok cleaned off cheap thermal grease and installed Arctic silver 5 following instructions on their website which in this case for core duo was the vertical line method. Dropped idle temps from 61c-62c to 45c-46c!!!!
    Was doing some quick gaming and never rose above 55c but still running hot on gpu 68c. Installed rivatuner and manually adjusted fan on 8800gt to 70% which brings it down to 47c but kind of noisy.
    Looked up some stuff about 8800gt's and saw a few videos on replacing thermal pads.
    Any thoughts on that subject?
  7. Nice improvement there on cpu :)
    no need to worry about gpu temp, they always run high especially during gaming
    You could replace the thermal pad with some of your As, but I wouldn't expect to see much difference on the temps
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  9. Glad to help man, hope you got sorted ok?
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