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Recently I have run into a problem with W7. Every time the Open File dialog window opens, the window freezes, as does the program. It is becoming super annoying. I could live with it at first finding ways around it, but I have hit a roadblock in a few programs that require it. I have found several possible solutions but none have worked. No extra network drives attached or anything like that.

MSE is virus program running. I have tried disabling everything else using CCLeaner, but problem still persists. Any suggestions? I could simply do a reformat but that is a PITA.
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  1. What program have that problem? All or 1 or couple?

    Is it Chrome?
  2. It's all programs. From photoshop to firefox, anything that uses taht dialog window
  3. I've got the same thing, except the program works fine, only the Open File dialog becomes non-responsive. Can't find any way around it. Unable to open or save downloadable files.
  4. same problem here. Why is there no solution to what seems to be a common problem?
  5. So really? No one has an answer?
  6. Question: What location on the HDD is the dialog trying to open? If the dialog is trying to open to a default location that does not exist, it could crash. If the exception is not handled [the creation of such a dialog typically isnt], then it could crash/lockup the application in question.

    If you try to save a file, do you get the same behavior?
  7. So to bring back this super old thread from the dead, I did end up solving this problem. I uninstalled my copy of Office and reinstalled, and for some reason that did the trick.
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