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Hi guys!

In my first computer I've built I've been having problems with setting my SSD up properly. I know how to set it up, I guess, but the problem is that since I have Windows 7 installed on my SSD, it is now the C: drive and the default location for programs to be installed to. I also have a 2TB Samsung HDD that I want all of my other games and applications to be housed in. I guess I could just tell the programs to be installed on my HDD instead of leaving it as the default selection, but I'm very lazy (and Firefox doesn't seem to let you do that). I've tried a lot of different methods, including editing the registry and creating a junction link. Neither method worked, I'm afraid. So that is why I am here.

How do I get everything that isn't my OS off of my SSD, and get Program Files to be on my HDD so that files are installed there by default?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware...

    Have you tried this method described in this site? ...

    Also, this is a good method to setup your USER folder to the storage drive...
  2. I tried that Program Files tutorial and it did not work, as programs installed in C:\Program Files even though the shortcuts were looking for the application in F:\Program Files.

    I've already got User Files sorted out, I think.
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