Keyboard reccomendations?

I've been using a Logitech LX 300 for the last six years. By far it is my favorite keyboard ever invented. Alas, it grows old and it's due for a replacement. Does anyone have suggestions, and what's the best keyboard you've ever used?

Thanks. I'm looking for a cross of good looks and price, but also put your favorite keyboard ever.
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  1. lol a keyboard? any quiet keyboard with multimedia keys on it will probably do the job.
  2. i'd like a somewhat cool looking one.
  3. It really comes down to preference as has been stated with every thread on this topic beforehand. I have a G15 and I love it, but it all comes down to what you want (i.e. soft vs. hard clicks, color of the backlighting, number/layout of programmable keys, etc...).
  4. Which is why I want people to post their own personal favorites and not try finding me one.
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