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I pulled a very noobish mistake the other day, and somehow managed to bend a pin almost 90 degrees while I had taken my Phenom II X4 965 out to reapply thermal paste and reseat the heatsink (I have no idea how), and in the process of trying to straighten the pin out, I broke it off. Now I am looking to buy a replacement and I saw that ewiz has a $15 off orders over $150 sale that expires today, so I need to decide between a new 965 for $225 shipped or a new 955 for $175 shipped. I know that the 955 is a great deal, but while I had my 965 for that short time I almost had the 4 GHz Holy Grail overclock stable and I'm sure I could have hit it with some tweaking. Is the 965 worth the extra $50 or should I go with the 955, what do you guys think?
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    Go with the 965.
  2. Nevermind, I just decided to go with the 965.
  3. If the Phenom II was a full retail boxed version then you should try contacting AMD support as you have a threee year warranty direct with AMD on the retail boxed products. Im not sure if damaged/broken pins are covered as it may be classed as user damage but its worth giving them a call or email just in case they can help out.
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