Good gaming case surgestions please!

Hey Guys.

Im looking for some advice on a decent gaming case, i've been looking for almost a week now and can't find one that fits the bill. Here's what im looking for

1. Needs to be a full tower case
2. Needs to have good airflow
3. needs to be no more than £170
4. Very good Quality

I've considered the SilverStone Raven RV01 case but i decided i couldn't live with half a ton of plastic.

Next i had a look at the Antec 1200 gaming case, But im looking for something more orginal, seems like alot of people have an Antec 1200.

Any other surgestions would be appreciated Thanks =]
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  1. Proxy, isn't the storm sniper a midtower?
  2. I think the Scout is smaller. The Sniper is pretty big... full tower, mid-tower, the line is kinda blurry.
  3. Check out the bottom of this page for a good idea of how parts fit in the case... I think it's pretty roomy:
  4. That's really pretty nice for the price, not a lot of frills but some good features.
  5. Thanks alot guys, i've used the CoolerMaster HAF932 before and its an excellent case (loads of room, amazing cooling and quiet too) but becuase i've used it before i'd prefer to use something different.
    I'll give serious consideration to the Amour Suit, as i like the looks, and reviews i've read sound promising.
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