Swap in a real video card to a system with a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE?

Doing charity work for my baby sister, so please lend a hand :)

She's got a relatively new desktop, but the video chip is a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, which seems pretty stale. I'd like to get her something newish to improve her gaming capabilities (Sims 3 is unplayable for her), so any suggestions?

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    Take a look at the HD4670. It's usually a good choice for pre-built systems since it has very low power requirements which don't usually need a swap of the power supply. It gives decent performance in games and it's fairly low cost. A HD4650 may also be an option.

    However since you didn't give us any specs of her system. It would need a PCIex16 socket for the graphic card and a 300w or better power supply.
  2. What desktop is it? Is it a low profile one? What are the PSU and system specs?
  3. It's a pretty new HP with a medium tower, though I don't have access to it in person. I think it's relatively pimped - 5 GB ram (don't know how good, though), 3 Ghz dual core, etc. The choppiness at high res makes me think that the video card, or lack thereof, is the limiting factor.
  4. Argh not that 5gb HP. Read this then remove some of the ram :-

    Also yes, any igp (at least any nvidia or intel igp) will never run anything at a reasonable framerate.
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