Problem running msi 4850 in x-fire with p5q deluxe

Hello everyone, I am having issues...... haha
So eversince I built my computer I have always had issues with the graphics driver. Every time I would try and use my computer the graphics driver would randomly stop working. I have updated the graphics driver every time there is a new update but to no avail. I was initailly using the MSI drivers that came along with the graphics cards, they worked fine for the longest, but no matter what it would still hang. Now i am using he newest ATI drivers, but still it freezes. Ive tried one card at a time aswell. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated.
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  1. What OS are you using. Would also help to know what PSU as well.

    If you are using vista or windows seven is the error something like "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" ?
  2. Iam using windows vista ultimate. The PSU is a ocz 600w stealth X stream.
    Yes that is the exact message that shows up.
  3. well the psu should be enough, ati recommends 550w for xfire....

    have you noticed a certain trend or when it messes up?
  4. Not really, it just happens at random times, sometimes it happens when nothing is even running on the desktop.
  5. That error is windows' Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) triggering.

    It is supposed to indicate a hardware fault and reset the card in situations where it fails. It has been known to fire off mistakenly though.

    Make sure windows is fully up to date with all drivers and software. This issue has been caused in teh past by creative drivers conflicting with the 3d.

    Clean up your registry with something like Ccleaner.

    Ensure the cards are not overheating, and if you are overclocking stop. The most common reason TDR goes off is overheating or an unstable overclock.

    Does it do this with only one card at a time? It is entirely possible for there to be something wrong with the card as well.
  6. Ive tried it with both cards in x-fire and both cards individually. I tried a small overclock and it happened, (about 50 mhz), that was the first time, but even now with stock clocks it still happens, i think it might be something wrong with the 16x pcie connector on my mobo?
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