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I have a desktop with a MSI 975X platinum motherboard in it. I want to install windows 7 64 bit OS and to do so I need to access the BIOS in order to change the boot sequence. In order to do that I have to access the Bios by hitting the F8 key on my logitech USB keyboard during boot up.

So here is the problem. During the boot up phase at the point where I am suppose to hit the F8 key to access the Bios my keyboard is nonfunctional. No lights are lit up. Nothing. The keyboard lights come on later on therefore indicating functionality later on in the boot up process but at that time it is past the time the F8 key will be any use in accessing the Bios. I bought a USB/ps2 adapter to see if that would fix it. It didn't. I thought it may be a power issue so I bought a 4 port usb hub with AC adapter and still lights on keyboard don't light up till well past the point the F8 key can be used to access the Bios.

I as wondering what further available option I may utilize in order to rectify this. Thanks in advance for any expertise regarding my little dilemma.
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  1. I would try the "del" key on the lower right side.
  2. I would consider trying a friend's keyboard AND... I would verify that F8 is indeed the key to access your BIOS. Your motherboard's manual should tell you what key gives you access to the BIOS.
  3. F8 is usually the Boot Menu key
    F1 would be the Help key unless the system specifically asks you to press it.

    Depending on your system, the usual keys will be F2 or Del
    and you should use a keyboard with a PS/2 connector.

    The Logitech keyboard may or may not work for accessing the BIOS as the Keyboard may not
    have the functionality built in. That is to say, it may need to have Windows loaded to function as intended.

    But as others have stated, check your manual to verify what key it says is needed to access the BIOS.
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