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i just bought a sata hard drive for main drive is ide.i have the proper hook ups for the power supply and data plug.when i go into bios the sata drive shows up as ide slave drive and on my computor it shows up in device manager but it does not show up where the dvd and floppy,main drive areon the computor.any ideas. thanks
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  1. still got it showing in device manager and bios but not in my computor using xp.
  2. im trying to install a sata hard drive for storage on my windows xp computor.i have my main drive which is a ide hard drive. i have all the cables for the sata drive.i have plugged the power cable to the drive then the data cable to the drive then to the motherboard. when i turn on the computor it says new drive found and then says ready to use, but the drive does not show up in my computor,just my main drive shows up.i checked device manager and the new drive is there and says it is working properly. i also check bios and it shows up there but it is under ide slave drive.there is no sata drive info in my bios. so i cant understand why it is not in my computor page.any help would be greatly is asus motherboard.
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    Follow the information in the below thread and you should be good to go!!
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    Istalling sata drive
  5. thank you tecmo for your help i have got it going. i really appreciate it and i love this site.
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