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I'm having problem's copy files using windows explorer. I'm using windows XP professional V5.1 and when I try and copy a directory of files from one location to another window's explorer returns the message "Window's explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry of the inconvenience". I then have to use Task Manager to kill Windows Explorer because it hangs. Other people can copy the files and don't have a problem. Is there a way I can reload windows explorer
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  1. HI. How are you copying the directories? If you are using Copy And Paste and the directories are big this can make it happen. Try holding the Control key down and dragging the directory to where you want i.t
  2. Thanks. It appears that it doesn't make a difference whether it is a directory or not. Initially I tried copying the directory and had problems. So I would open up the directory and try coping a subset of the content. Some times it would give the error message after 10 files sometimes after 4 files. It is inconsistent. The size of the files didn't matter because some times I would be able to copy larger files and then have problems with smaller files. Others at my company are able to copy the whole directory and they have no problem. I personnaly believe something got corrupted on my computer and I don't know what. I copied the Window's Explorer program from someone else and I still have problems. So I don't believe it is the program but some setting that got corrupted. Thanks.
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    to restart explorer, you could restart your pc.
    without restarting your pc: press ctrl + alt + del and bring up the task manager > click the new task button at the bottom of the app tab> type explorer.exe or browse to windows folder and select explorer.exe
    to copy/move files around your hdd, you can try explorer alternatives like tera copy or total commander:
    scan your pc with an antivirus software like mcse, avast or avg and anti spyware spftware like malwarebytes antimalware.
    check task manager if your ram or hdd is busy 100%, try to increase your page file size, if possible - add ram.
    if your installation is too old, you can reinstall your os or upgrade to windows 7. make sure you back up your data if you do.
  4. Thanks for the info. I talked with a person that works in my tech department and they communicated that they would prefer to rebuild my PC then try and figure out a virus situation. Unfortunately, I won't have an answer anytime soon because there are only two of these people, so it will take about a month to get this done.

    Thanks for the recommendations.
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