My first WC setup

Hello all.

This is my first WC build and I would like comments.

Praise my work or tear me and my work apart. All and any comments appreciated.

I have a problem with my H70 which when I convince shop I bought it from to take it back will get removed

Here is problem description in picture

PS Cable management is not best......
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  1. looks great! I have never seen the H70 and a custom loop used at the same time, its a nice idea.

    Once comment I might make is if your going for appearance, sleeving the cables or hiding them is really helpful!
  2. Looks like a DDC+top/res. What 320 rad are you running? What GPU blocks? Nice build...might consider tossing that H70 and adding a CPU block and another 220 rad to round out the entire build. :) (just a long as you are fine with the H70, stick with it...let us know what you find out on it. Your pic doesn't seem to show the issue you mentioned, though.)
  3. When I try to close side panel of the case I cannot screw both screws in because H70 is to wide. At the moment only bottom screw is in. I thought you can see that there is a 10 mm gap on the top of the case.
    Yes I'm considering to do take H70 out if shop will take it back and do custom loop

    Went over my budget with this build. I will have to wait to see if they want to take H70 back and either refund me or give me additional parts that I need to include CPU in the loop as well

    Yes that is DDC pump and reservoir.
    GPU blocks are EK-FC260/275/285 GTX - GW. I had big problems to source those since my GPUs are gtx 285 - Palit which aren't in the production any more
    Radiator is Magicool XTREME TRIPLE 360 Radiator
    Fans on radiator are Xilence Pro Fan 120L 1300RPM 120mm - LED Blue

    H70 keeps my i7 920 on 40 degrees C on idle and 59 degrees under 100% load. I haven't OC it yet. I intend to wait to see what will happen regarding that H70.

    GPUs have 42 - 44 degrees on Idle and just below 60 under full load. No OC on them yet as well. Before this systerm MY CPU was running at 50 - 55 and Gpus at 70 and the one on the top at 80 degrees C on idle. GPU on the top was really choking since there was about 2 mm slit between GPUs.
  4. After almost getting that refund shop came back to me and said that condition that product is in is not resalable therefore they won't take it back.

    For a while I am stuck with it.
  5. Is the rad on the H70 square? Is it possible to rotate it so that it fits? I have a similar issue with my SR1 120mm in my rig; the side panel barely shuts all the way.

    You could probably sell the H70 on a forum (either here, Hardforum, Anandtech, etc.) as long as nothing is actually wrong with the cooler.
  6. Rad is 120mm square with part that water hose is attached on cca additional 200 mm.

    I tried to rotate it but it cannot be done. My case has option for PSU mounting on the top as well with metal "legs" that are in the way.

    You could probably sell the H70 on a forum (either here, Hardforum, Anandtech, etc.) as long as nothing is actually wrong with the cooler.

    That is my plan when I get some cash to make 2nd custom loop.

    Today my water pump died so my GPU cooling is out of commission..... :( Have to get replacement.....
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