HDMI cable giving horrible quality!

Hey everyone i want to say thanks for the help on my last thread.

My latest issue is this...

I've been using my TV as a monitor running 1920x1080 using a DVI adapter to VGA and plugging the VGA into my TV. Perfect crisp quality... no lag issues except when watching Blue Ray's in VLC (which is a whole OTHER issue to fix).

So i went out and bought some speakers with a small sub, plus a 6 foot Sony HDMI 1.3a cable so i can watch my HD movies with no quality loss, and have HD sound. I havent tested the sound with them because i have horrible image quality with the HDMI cable. I feel like im using 16bit or below for colors.

TV is


with this video card


Video card is installed with latest drivers... only thing is i couldnt find the SPDIF pin on my Asus a8n sli delux board... No sound through HDMI till i get taht fixed.

Any ideas why im getting really really bad quality? And hor to fix it?
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  1. There may be settings on the TV itself or within the nVidia utility that you can adjust to better then image quality.

    I'm actually using a 9600GT 512MB in my HTPC but thru S-Video and I had to make adjustments in the TV out section of the utility as well as adjust the font and icon size on the WinXP desktop to get the clearest text and best picture quality. Also note that I am using a 36" analog Sony Trinitron.
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