G790FX-GD70 does not boot

Hi. I just put together my new system. Im running a phenom II 955 black edition, 2x2gb corsair dominator ddr3, corsair tx850w power supply, radeon 4890 and win7. I did a biosupdate using msi liveupdate. Everything seemed normal, the comp rebooted and I looked at my biossettings, I didnt change anything though (exit without saving). When I was done with looking at the bios settings I wanted to boot up win. Although that didnt happen, I instead got a bluescreen and my pc died. I have tried anything and everything that ive come to think off, but the damn thing is dead as long as I have the 12v atx cable connected to the mobo. The comp fires up when I remove it though, although that doesnt help me... I need my cpu! Any ideas anyone?

Thanx in advance / alexander
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  1. Sorry about the G. Im on my phone (since my comp is dead).
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