Antec mini tower,can i fit an i7 system?

This might be extremely obvious but i had to ask ,
im building an i7 system to my sister and she has this case from 4 years ago :

it is housing a p4 system right now , i was wondering if i get a decent power supply , could i use this case to put a ASUS P6T motherboard and an i7 system in this case? or what is a proper size case for it...

i have an older antec plus 1080 soho server case which is also used with a p6t-i7 is a big case but i could barely fit in that with the extra memory cooler fans and a big ATI HD4870....i dont think i could add another HD4870 in there if i ever want to crossfire...

so any fairly cheaper recommendations are greatly appreciated for this system for my sister..

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  1. Fitting the kit won't be a problem as that case can take ATX motherboards, of which the P6T is one.

    Cooling the system may be a problem - Antecs always have good airflow but bear in mind 80mm fans were the norm when that case came out, and you're looking at a number of 120, 140 or even 220mm fans these days - even at stock the i7 is a hot chip so be mindful of the airflow.

    Install your kit and keep an eye on temps, if you find it's running too hot then get an Antec 300.

    And yes you'll need a new PSU, what its power output is depends on your complete spec.
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