Motherboard not workring Not epox is GIGABYTE

well i bought everything and im having trouble with my motherboard. Everything turns on fine the screen shows the bios and stuff but none of the sata ports on the motherboard are working. GA-MA785GT-UD3H sata ports not working my hdd wont show and my cd rom drive wont open as well what do i do
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  1. Initial impression would be you have the bios options for Sata controller set incorrectly.
  2. Make sure all sata drives have the power supply leads connected. You'll need to do a format and fresh windows installation, or use the hardrive manufacturer's software to prep your hardrives as boot or secondary drives. I use maxblast 5; it will prep the drive(s) and then make an exact drive to drive copy. Don't know why your optical drive doesn't work. If this is the first time changing out a board, you need to do some more reading in the board manual or some faqs on this website.
  3. well i got everything to work but i cant boot from the usb. I go to the boot menu and i select usb_hdd and it still wont work gigabyte is really letting me down.
    Bought a 1.5 tb hdd for only 96$ amazing
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