Which i5 mobo for future GTX 275 SLI support?

Hi all. I'd like to know which motherboard is suitable for Intel's i5 cpu as well as dual GTX 275's -- that is, should I need to upgrade in the future. What's needed to run SLI? Nvidia makes it seem like it's their own line of nforce mobos, but they don't exist yet for i5.

Would this work http://www.onhop.ca/catalog/product/10730404 ?
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  1. no that would not work . these would :-

    asus : p7p55d/d-e pro , deluxe and premium .
    msi : p55gd65 , gd80 .
    gigabyte : ud4 , ud4p , ud5 , ud6 .
  2. I see. So it's two or more PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots that makes for SLI then?
  3. yes ... all of them support both sli and cf , which is nice !
  4. How about the Asus P7P55 LX?
  5. p7p55lx - a big no because the second slot can fit any card but runs at 4x speed ... that would bottleneck a gtx 275 hugely ... the cheapest sli/cf boards that can do x8/x8 graphics are msi gd65 , p7p55d pro , gigabyte ud4 from these vendors .

    most of the lower motherboards do have a full x16 slot , but only 4x speed connected to the p55 chipset instead of the lynnfield(750 , 860 , 870) cpus. this is always mentioned and verify this spec before buying .
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