945 desktop motherboard is not taking power plz give me solution
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  1. Need just a few more details:
    System specifications.
    Better description of symptoms (it looks like English is at least a second language for you).

    Is the computer completely dead? Do lights and fans come on when you press the power switch? Does it try to complete the POwerup Self Test (POST) with anything besides a single short beep?
  2. So u r telling me ..........

    you just.....dont ...have.... the power..... captain !

    immmm sry :(
  3. sirkillalot said:
    So u r telling me ..........

    you dont ...have.... the power..... captain !

    immmm sry :(

    :lol: Well untill we have the motherboard, cpu video card, psu, ect we cant even being to start what the problem it.
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