Build Log - Project Colorblind

Hello All, this will be my first build log so bare with me. Any input, ideas, or comments are greatly appreciated!

The Goals:

-nice aesthetics (priority)

-high FPS in most modern games @ 1920x1080

-capable of solid overclocks

-all internal watercooling setup

-a bit of cable sleeving

-good cable management

-relatively low temps @ ambient

-To complete a water cooling build log here on Toms!

The PC Components:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 LGA 1155 Z68 ATX Intel Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K LGA 1155

Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE 1024MB

HD: HITACHI Deskstar 1.5TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s x2 (Hopefully in RAID 0)

RAM: WINTEC One 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

Case: Fractal Design Define XL (Black)

CD/DVD Drive: ASUS 24X DVD Burner +RW

Power Supply: NZXT HALE90 Series 1000W

The Water Cooling Components:

GPU Cooler: XSPC Razor 460 (full cover block)

Pump: Swiftech MCP655-B™ Series 12 VDC Water Pump

Radiators: XSPC RS240 and XSPC RX360

Reservoir: Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250

Tubing: Tygon Clear 1/2ID 5/8OD

CPU Cooler: XSPC Rasa Universal Block

Fittings: Barbs from XSPC and angled rotary Barbs from Enzotech

I'll start things off with a small update displaying the parts i already have. These images show the XSPC RASA CPU block taken apart, and cleaned (somewhat), the XSPC RX360 Rad that i am using from a previous setup, and some XSPC barb fittings.

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  1. Build logs ftw!
    Looking forward to watching this :-)
  2. I like it...we've needed build logs for soooo long. Make sure you post the final thread and pics in the pics/build thread...that way, people can see your pics and have the link to the build log for reference.
  3. Great! keep us posted. maybe its an idea to put some kinda shoppinglist?

    Greetz. Killm
  4. Update

    This is a small update revealing some of the PC components I recieved. More to come as more parts arrive!

    Rest of PC parts will likely come in on the 11th, and watercooling parts will (hopefully) come in on the 12th.

    Stay tuned.
  5. Looks like you've had the sanding disk on that 460 man :P
    I love getting a ton of parts in the post, my neighbours think I have about 50 pc's in here :P, or one huge one lol
  6. Update

    Just another tiny update to show newer image quality... same camera, just better lighting, backdrop, settings, and a tri-pod.

    Stay tuned!
  7. Are you going to be using all three sticks of RAM? They'll run in single channel mode on that motherboard; just wanted to make you aware of that if you weren't :)

    The parts list looks good. If you don't mind me asking, about how much was the whole bundle of WC parts? XSPC makes some good parts for the price :)

    I've never seen a Fractal Design case in person, so I'd like to see how it fits in the case. Do you plan on/need to mod the case at all, or drill some holes at the least? Also what fans are you going to use?

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing this in its finished state!
  8. I also was curious as to why you are going to use 3 sticks of ram, or maybe use 2 and keep 1 as a spare. Or I suppose 6Gb of ram in single channel might be better than 4Gb in dual channel.

    Getting back on topic, I really like this build log so far, looks good, pictures are great, keep it up. Are you going to go SLi 460's in the future?
  9. Thanks boiler1990 and cromedome for the comments...

    I didnt even realize that about the mobo to be honest, just overlooked it. Do either of you know if its possible to run those triple channel in dual channel and keep one extra?

    Case modding will be done, rad-grills will be installed. but i dont want to reveal all of the plans just yet.

    Fans being used will be...

    Maybe SLI the 460's in the future but im already looking a bit over budget for now haha.
  10. You can run 2 of the RAM sticks together in dual channel, and just have one spare stick lying around.
  11. I decided to return the triple channel memory and spring for 8 GB (2x4GB) memory (DDR3 @ 1600 and 1.5V) a bit of hassle with the return and all but got free shipping on the 8GB so i figured it was worth it.

    Heres a quick update displaying some of the parts i recieved today!

    One slightly lighter than the other! *gasp*

    The fans in their surprisingly easy to open packages...

    Quite a bit of sleeving to do on those fans.

    Watercooling parts come in tomorrow.

    Unfortunately I cannot order the case until friday due to availability on newegg, but I will still be able to add to the log this week with sleeving and other preparatory things...

    Stay tuned!
  12. How are you going to sleeve them? Waiting to see how this build turns out.
  13. @ Rubix, well hopefully this next update will answer that for you. It was my first sleeving attempt so it didnt turn out as well as i would have liked, (maybe black would have been a better choice) however it will certainly do.
  14. Update

    Some pics of the watercooling parts, case parts, mounting of the GPU block, installation of the backplate, power supply, and sleeving of fans.

    The box that came in the mail today from performance-pcs.

    The parts in the box.


    The GPU Block (XSPC Razor 460)

  15. The mounting of the XSPC Razor 460 Full Cover Waterblock.

  16. The installed backplate.

    The fans sleeved.

    Stay tuned!

    (sorry for multiple posts, i seem to be limited to ten pictures per post before the pictures begin to turn into links instead of actual pictures... so bear with me... or PM me if there is a fix for this issue)
  17. Looking good! The sleeving job doesn't look as bad as you think it did ;)

    What thermal paste did you end up using for the GPU? I love the EK backplates; they truly look good.
  18. +1, loving the sleeving job man, and white is an uncommon theme so its looking well good so far
  19. Motopsychojdn said:
    +1, loving the sleeving job man, and white is an uncommon theme so its looking well good so far

    Yeah, now I want a white PSU and sleeved cables to go with my white tubing ;)
  20. Looks great! White is awsome.

    [N2N] KiLLm
  21. @ Boiler - Thanks! I used arctic mx-4 for thermal paste, I will be using it on the CPU as well. With regards to the backplate, I agree they can really help w/ the aesthetics of a build!

    @Moto - Thanks man! Hopefully I can keep working towards better quality photos and work in general... I dont have a DSLR camera (though im looking into the Canon Rebel T3) so taking really nice pictures is a bit of a job.

    @Evberkel - Thanks KillmAll, glad to see your following the log!
  22. Great pictures and nice sleeving job!
  23. I've always liked white tubing and sleeving...just looks so clean. Everyone wants to do color and bling...sometimes black/white end up the best color schemes.
  24. @ 4ryan6- Thanks man! Glad to see you checking out this log! (unfortunately its not likely i will see 5.1 w/ my processor in this build!)

    @rubix- I agree, it is easy to go overboard with color and light, im a little bit concerned about the fans white LED's being too bright but we will have to wait and see.
  25. Can always hook the leds to a resistor or fan controller if needs be......
  26. More delay now, the Fractal XL case didnt come into stock at newegg on friday and has been deactivated. I contacted fractal design about the situation in order to try to get a timeline of some sort, in the mean time I will look into other full tower cases just incase the XL is discontinued from newegg and no other US reseller reappears. There is one reseller in canada but shipping is 80$...

    Any suggestions, help finding resellers, or other comparable case suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.

    I will keep you guys updated as i get more info.
  27. Strange you should post that as i'm linking this I found and thought you may like
    Fate Bro, fate hehe
  28. That case is beautiful. how could i go wrong for 50$ including shipping? I am a bit concerned about space issues with a mid tower, especially with regards to cable management, but that case is aesthetically perfect for my build. More challenge will make the build better when/if i finish it.

    Thanks a million Moto... Its strange how NZXT keeps popping up when i'm in need.
  29. NZXT is making some great cases nowadays. The white NZXT Phantom looks a LOT like the Lexus LFA (my avatar pic). The only thing I hate is having a door panel :/

    According to this thread, you can stick a 360 rad in the top of the case, though the RX360 seems to not fit according to one of the guys :(
  30. ^ Np man, I saw it and thought of this build so thought I'd throw it in as an option, and your post is all 'omg! noes, teh case am dizzy contrinooes' :P
    @Boiler, 'seems' not to fit? hmm, I think we'll see about that hehehehe :P
    /fires up angle grinder,drill and dremel
  31. Well the guy posts this:

    just a heads up on the 360 in the top, if you get an rx360 and not an rs (which is the slimmer version) you'll end up having to cut up the case to make it fit

    ...but I have no idea what the OP would have to cut to make it work. And there's no promises on the rs240 either. My Raven definitely wouldn't fit a 240 rad unless it was mounted on the rear, in which case I'd suggest the RV02-E in white :/
  32. Yeah, I read that part too, but I think Oj is more than up for a wee bit of drill/saw work if needed,
    and as he himself says, the more challenging a build, the sweeter the satisfaction :)
    but having said that, all ideas help and contribute to the process,
    I reckon an rs240 might fit down the front of the drivecage there and another up the top or on top of the roof if not internally mounted (although I know that was one of the original criteria)
    Hell, might mod of those those myself when I have the time and money :P
  33. This is some good discussion. I am up for a bit of cutting, just trying to keep it clean is the issue... Luckily w/ the radgrills i can hide some minor slip-ups. We will just have to wait and see how everything fits/ doesnt fit before i make any decisions... I do see a few ways that i could potentially mount the rads. The 360 may be an issue w/ fans.
  34. good job - but sleeving wise - the next time, remember to either tape the wires then run the sleeving or run the heat shrink tube under it to hide the colored wires. I don't sleeve but i picked up this info from a modder at [H]ard forums who sleeves like mad man...awesome amount of time on his hands.
  35. Update

    I recieved the 8GB of dual channel RAM after sending back the triple channel, and did some painting today to try and improve the aesthetics of the build a bit.

    Here's what i came up with, let me know what you think!

    The 2x120mm Radiator grill is there to show the previous color of the grill.

    The case ought to come tomorrow with some other stuff!

    Stay tuned!
  36. Looks very good in white B. I have 1 qoustion do, you want a fast system, why not put in a SSD in stead of 1 of the HDD's?
  37. evberkel said:
    Looks very good in white B. I have 1 qoustion do, you want a fast system, why not put in a SSD in stead of 1 of the HDD's?

    He wants higher framerates, not necessarily load times. Plus, when you're spending this much on liquid cooling, buying a SSD can take a chunk out of your budget if it's tight.
  38. ^Agreed. SSD's are nice, but a full-fledged watercooling loop that impressively performs well allows you to brag far more than having an SSD. :)
  39. +3 to that :)
    its like putting a handrestored 1912 silver ghost up against a modern day Grunt machine,
    yeah the modern one is fast, but which one will pull the biggest crowd?
  40. @ Evberkel - I did consider a SSD but they are a bit expensive (my budget is already tight), can be problematic, and load times arent necessarily a big deal to me... Plus I have been wanting to try a RAID 0 on sata 6Gbps.

    Interesting analogy Moto... you consider hdd's antique already? Before my log is done you will be comparing my system to the Model-T!
  41. Lol no, I'm just pointing out how the lesser performing option can often be the most interesting
    I dont mind waiting a few more nanoseconds for a game to load when I have an awesome mod to admire while I pass the time hehe,
    and then remembering that I made it happen, so satisfying :)
  42. Update

    The case didnt come today, so i worked on a few other things in anticipation of its arrival. I installed the bitspower D5 mod to try and improve the pumps apperance, sleeved the pump cables (though not very well), and I finished painting the DVD drive.



  43. That's a pretty sweet D5 case there. How are you painting all the stuff? Spray paint?
  44. Yeah i like it a lot! Im using lacquer semi-gloss spray paint.
  45. Good job on the painting. When I stayed with my dad for a month or so he let me in on some secrets, or that is what the tips he taught me were called. I use really light coats, and multiple coats.

    Then, afterwards he used his air gun he uses for cars, and houses. That thing put out the best stream of paint I have ever seen.

    One problem I noticed about my case afterwards was that a single scratch would tear through the paint to the metal. It started to look nasty after I moved my case around too much.

    Do you have any tips to protect the paint?

    When you painted the DVD drive, did you just cover the holes with tape?
  46. Awesome. I'm gathering ideas for another build (like ~5 years down the road) and am pretty set on really trying to mod/paint the whole thing like you are.

    I wonder how it would look with a clearcoat...hmmmm
  47. clearcoats give a gloss finish to anything you apply it onto. A lesson i learnt while doing a paint job for my old case back in 2008. The theme was to work with blue LED fans, have a frosted plexi glass front face plate and have the entire case with a matte black finish. I thought for a while that the paint would come off (so how do i protect it?) initiating me to apply a clearcoat (the key word at that time was coat :lol:) turned the patch where I sprayed with a NICE gloss finish while the rest of the case was matte :P

    though ONE thing does come to mind now, if you can bake your case in a good oven (a car body workshop) you actually give the paint time to stick onto the case.

    My opinion though :) Good job with the build - but I like matte colors more than gloss ;)
  48. Thanks guys!

    Here are some pics i took of the case!

    So this will be turning into a bit of a larger project now, as I tried to get everything to fit into the case correctly and could not... even with extensive modding the RX360 will not go into the top due to the mobo and memory, and the RS240 wont go into the front due to height and size issues... plus the case is put together with rivets so it would be fairly difficult for me to take apart, and even in doing so i believe i would have a substanital amount of trouble with the mod... So instead of going with spacers and mounting externally... i plan to build a base for the case in which i can put the RX360 radiator, this may end up being more work than i initially planned, but all the better in the end.

    Dont give up on me yet!
  49. Mountainmods has the Pedestal, which is designed to hold radiators and can be customized, but it's pricey as with all of their stuff (all custom-made).

    You could mount the RX360 on the side or on top, but I too don't like the external rads. That said, there are some crafty ways to mount them so they're not obnoxious. It'd be easier with white rads :)
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