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Remote assistance failure

A cross-town friend (20+miles away) has a Win7 desktop computer on an AT&T DSL line (no router nor wireless).
i have a Win 7 Desktop and laptop, but NEITHER can Remote Assist him... My connection is thru a home network -- hardwired to a router with 3 other computers.

I always get as far as receiving his email attachment, and inputting the 12-digit pass-code, but then, after a breif wait, it always says "connection failed" -- no other 'clues'. troubleshooting the connection doesn't find anything.

If i try to "remote assist' on of the other computers on my own network, it works perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas on further diagnosing the problem(s)?
Thanks in advance,
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    You have to make sure Firewall is turned off for remote assistance to work (on both ends).

    Or if you do not want to do that, you may to make sure the correct port for Remote assistance is open which is TCP 3389.

    Also have to make sure that "Allow remote assitance connections to this computer" and "Allow conections from computers running any version of remote desktop" are check marked in System properties, under "Remote".
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